American Airlines: flight deals to Brazil

December 2, 2008 | By More

American Airlines is offering discounted airfares to a number of Brazilian destinations.

  • Flights to Belo Horizonte [BHZ] (entrance point to the Cidades Históricas of Minas Gerais) from Chicago, Miami, NYC, San Francisco and Washington from 750 USD + taxes.
  • Flights to Recife [REC] from Baltimore, Boston, Miami, NYC and Orlando from 574 USD + taxes.
  • Flights to Salvador [SSA] from Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, NYC and San Francisco also from 574 USD + taxes.

Special fares to BHZ, REC and SSA are available for sale until 6 December 2008 and are valid for flights until 28 May 2009. That includes the carnival weekend (22-25 February). Purchases must be made at least 14 days prior to departure. The tariff is QLX14L3B.

  • If your destination is Rio de Janeiro [GIG], there are fares from 964 USD + taxes from Boston; 1,080 USD + taxes from Newark; 1,070 USD + taxes from San Francisco; 1,140 USD + taxes from Philadelphia and 1,160 USD + taxes from Baltimore.
  • São Paulo [GRU] can be reached for 1,010 USD + taxes from Baltimore; 1,014 USD + taxes from Pittsburg; 1,120 USD + taxes from Charlotte; 1,070 USD + taxes from San Francisco and 1,080 USD + taxes from Newark.

Tickets for GIG and GRU must be purchased at least 7 days prior to departure. They are valid for flights between 10 January until 12 December. The tariff is SLXSA6D.

Always remember to read the full rules before purchasing any tickets!

Original text in Portuguese: American: Promoção de Passagem com Destino o Brasil para Quem Mora nos EUA

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