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This is a summary of the most important blog entries we have published at D Airfare.

1. Airlines

To know which airlines fly to Brazil there is a section called direct flights, where you will find details of all the direct flights from all over the world to Brazil.

Once in Brazil, you need to know what the main Brazilian airlines are. We have published a listing of the Brazilian airlines websites and of the official Twitter profiles.

2. Airports

We mentioned the Brazilian airport tax and how much you will pay for it and the Brazilian airport codes. And we put the Brazilian airports in GoogleMaps. We also found out about an unusual aspect of the Brazilian Duty Free.

3. Baggage

We have mentioned the limitations for checked-in baggage both in domestic and international flights. We have also referred to the limitations for hand baggage in domestic flights.

We explained the important “weight concept” and “piece concept”.

4. Customs

There’s been mention to the customs restrictions on departure and the customs restrictions on arrival. If you are a resident in Brazil, you need to know how to leave Brazil with expensive equipment.

At arriving in Brazil: step-by-step we gave details of the immigration and customs procedures on arrival in Brazil.

5. Purchasing tickets

To understand airfares better we had a go at the airfare terminology.

To help you find the best airfare we wrote on what is a GDS. And introduced you to ITA, a limited GDS anyone can use.

To understand better who do we buy tickets from we explained what is an aggregator and what is a consolidator.

We have given details of the two different passes offered by Tam airlines: Brazil Airpass and South America Airpass. And also details of the Star Alliance’s Brazil Airpass.


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