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an end to Gol’s Smiles and American Airlines’ AAdvantage partnership

February 28, 2012 | By More

Gol is keeping quiet about it but American Airlines has made the official announcement: from 12 August 2012 the agreement between its loyalty program AAdvantage and Gol’s Smiles comes to an end. The details of the agreement had been covered here at D Airfare at Smiles and American Airlines delayed and you can now issue […]

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Turkish Airlines confirming its Buenos Aires to São Paulo flight

February 21, 2012 | By More

Not that long ago we mentioned that Turkish Airlines wanted to fly from São Paulo to Buenos Aires. The new route has now been confirmed. From June 2012, Turkish will fly between Ezeiza airport in Buenos Aires and Guarulhos airport in São Paulo. From São Paulo the flight will continue its route to Istanbul. There […]

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São Paulo concentrates 63% of international passenger traffic in Brazil

February 17, 2012 | By More

The two international airports in the state of São Paulo, Guarulhos and Campinas, concentrate 63% of all international passenger traffic arriving to and departing from Brazil (most of them going through Guarulhos international airport), according to a recent research published by Globo News. The state of Rio de Janeiro, second place on the ranking, receives […]

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American Airlines increasing its presence in Brazil

February 13, 2012 | By More

From June American Airlines will fly from Miami to Manaus four times a week. The new route comes on top of an increase on the number of existing frequencies, effective from 14 June: the current seven weekly frequencies from Dallas to São Paulo will become 12. the current five weekly frequencies from Miami to Brasilia […]

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three Brazilian airports privatized, what next?

February 9, 2012 | By More

So finally three Brazilian airports have been (kind of) privatized: Guarulhos international airport in São Paulo, Viracopos international airport in Campinas, state of São Paulo, and Brasilia international airport. The interest raised by the concessions was big and it was reflected on offers 347% above the initial estimate (what joke of an estimate was that?). […]

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Condor to fly from Frankfurt in Germany to Rio de Janeiro

February 6, 2012 | By More

Although the airline is still awaiting for the permission from the Brazilian authorities, German company Condor is already selling tickets for its new direct flight from Frankfurt in Germany to Rio de Janeiro. The airline will use a Boeing 767-300ER on the route. Right now Condor flies to Salvador de Bahia and to Recife. Did […]

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Copa announces new Panama City to Recife flight

January 30, 2012 | By More

The expansion of Copa continues and so does its investment on Brazil. The airline has announced that starting June 2012 it will fly from its hub in Panama City to Recife, Las Vegas, Curaçao and Liberia. The flight to Recife begins on 23 June 2012 and it will have four weekly frequencies. Recife becomes the […]

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a slightly easier ride through customs

January 23, 2012 | By More

At arriving in Brazil: step-by-step we had explained all the procedures a passenger had to go through when arriving to Brazil in an international flight. In the past, when you had reclaimed your baggage and done your shopping at the Duty Free shop and you headed out of the arrival areas, you had to go […]

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Turkish wants to fly from São Paulo to Buenos Aires

January 19, 2012 | By More

Turkish Airlines wants to fly from São Paulo to Buenos Aires in 2012. It would be an extension of its current Istanbul-São Paulo flight. The company is awaiting for the permission from the authorities to begin operating the flight. If approved it will be yet another choice to fly between Guarulhos and Ezeiza. Information from […]

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Lufthansa adding an additional weekly flight to its Frankfurt to Rio de Janeiro flight

January 16, 2012 | By More

Things are surely going pretty well on Lufthansa’s new Frankfurt – Rio de Janeiro frequency. Only a couple of months after launching the route the airline announces a new weekly frequency, making it a total of six weekly flights between both destinations. The new frequency will start operating on 26 March. As well as the […]

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